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What is The Academy?

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology

The Academy of


singing + songwriting






Welcome to The World of Sound


The Academy of Sacred Sound is a 1 Month do-at-your-own-pace Program taught by Psyberfairy. The Course is designed to help you clear blockages and limiting beliefs from the subconscious so you can tune into your authentic sound and begin expressing it to the world! This is a spiritual course, a healing course and a musical course.

If you're reading this and KNOW you have a message to share through song, poetry, music or light language, I urge you to keep reading. It isn't by chance that you've been drawn here.

If you're resonating with this, you may be a starseed, a wayshower, a light warrior, a truth speaker, a teacher or guide for others. If so, it is your DUTY to claim your will and start directing that into this world to heal and awaken the light within others. 

You probably feel "tapped in" to other realms and may be bringing forth codes for the universe. If so, why not refine your skills, hone your craft, and become a beacon of light for this world?

You can hide from your mission, but not for long...


Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology

Hello! I'm Psyberfairy, a music producer, artist + singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC.

I never thought of myself as a musical being. When I was younger I told myself things such as, "You're never going to do music. You're a writer." Then, to my surprise, at age 27, I fell to the floor laughing with a momentary glimpse into the future. I clearly saw that I would not only be making music, but sharing it with the world. 

I got started by teaching myself to produce. I didn't play instruments so why not have the whole orchestra inside the computer? I was going off pure intuition at this point and while I was having a lot of fun, my songs were messy. I didn't have a trained ear for music and didn't know any theory. Eventually as I got better, people took notice, and told me how much I sucked! 

This triggered deep wounds from abuse experienced in childhood. I fell into bouts of heavy PTSD. At one point I felt so lost and worthless I could hardly get out of bed. The one thing I wanted to do was make music, and that was the one thing I felt like I couldn't do. What was the point in living?

Eventually I asked for help. I sought out mentors to help me learn to produce, sing and play instruments. I began to heal  and realized something very important:


Your past DOES NOT determine your present or your future.

It took COURAGE to heal the trauma within and rise up stronger. When we claim our voice we claim our WILL and become Co-creators with the universe. During this process, lots of icky stuff gets released... past life wounds, ancestral karma.

It's not easy to process, and that's why I'm stepping forward as a guide, as someone who's been through the journey.

I'm still learning every day! As your guide, I'm simply here to hold space for you as you awaken to the gifts already present within you and RISE!

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology


You will be channeling Three Songs in total from the Celestial, Earth and Fae Realms!





Week 1:

Nāda Yoga Philosophy of Music

Hearing with our Outer and Inner Senses

Tuning the Body with Sound

Healing dis-ease with Sound

Claim Your Will + Voice

Breath Work + Energy Healing

Chakra Clearing

Opening the Third Eye

Psyberfairy’s Personal Vocal Warmups

Find Your Authentic Sound

Mantras + Intentions

Channeling from the Fae Realms


Week 2:

Releasing the ego to Serve

Proper songwriting structure

Calling on Your Ancestors

Healing Ancestral Karma

Clearing the Subconscious Mind

Channeling Directly from Nature

Guided Shamanic Healing Journey


Week 3:

Exploring your Moon Sign and Natural Strengths

Zodiac Archetypes

Past Life Guided Meditation

Channeling from the Celestial Realms


I'm so grateful to Christina Martine and all the beautiful souls who participated in the Academy of Sacred Sound. As someone who can be very critical of myself, I was happy to be a part of a community that allowed me to ease up and just tune with my souls song. Taking this course has really helped me to peel off some of the layers that were hiding my authentic expression. I will always appreciate the way this course and the people in it helped me improve my craft and my life as a whole. Thank you all! Bless you all!

- Gil, USA, rapper

"I feel that this course has cleared blockages I had within and get back into the flow of creating music. Thank you! I would drum, play guitar and sing for hours after doing the meditations and get into trance states, it's really opened me up especially my heart and throat chakras!"

- Brittney, USA, singer

"I loved the safe space to experiment and share without judgment that Psyberfairy always encouraged. There were great prompts to help me exercise my channeling and I created something completely different with each one! I'm sure I’ll never have writers block now that I can utilize Psyberfairy’s prompting technique in the future!"

- Noel, USA, musician and voice actor

"The style that Psyberfairy presents the information in feels so welcoming and freeing, that it really assists in getting more in touch with the source of bringing through music without the barriers of judgment or fear. The practices also build from each other in a harmonious and natural way to create an open space for channeling."

- Jeremy, New Zealand, music producer

"I would drum, play guitar and sing for hours after doing the meditations!"

"I loved the safe space to experiment and share without judgment that Psyberfairy always encouraged!"

"The style that Psyberfairy presents the information in feels so welcoming and freeing!"

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology


How does the course work? Once you sign up through PayPal, you will be immediately sent to the private playlist of the course videos. Make sure you bookmark the playlist so you can reference it anytime!

What if I don't have a lot of time to do the exercises? That's totally okay! This is a do-at-your-own-pace course, which means, you get access to the weekly videos through the private group. You can then watch them from the comfort of your own home and move at your own pace. It's okay, if you fall behind. 

Will I have access to the videos forever? Yes!

Are there refunds? Not for this course.

I'm not much of a musician or singer, but I love to sing. Can I still join? YES! This course will help bring out the gifts ALREADY within you!

Who is the course for again? Any gender, any race, any beliefs. If you have the desire to sing or share music or sound in ANY way and need a little guidance, this course is for you. If you are BURNING with passion and know it's your DESTINY to share your truth through song, this course is DEFINITELY for you.

What else will we be learning? Check out the syllabus for more info. We'll be doing spiritual practices such as channeling and energy healing to strengthen our inner senses and hearing. You will be learning proper song structure and writing tips as well!

What if I don't end up creating anything? Or what if I don't feel like sharing my songs? That's okay! Share as much or as little as you want to. This is a community we are all building together! Give as much as feels natural to you.

Sounds good! How do I sign up? Sign up below through PayPal. You will immediately receive access to all course content.


Sacred Sound Academy Psyberfairy





lifetime access

1 Month Sacred Sound Journey. Ancient Wisdom. Guided Meditation. Practical Vocal Warm-ups. Shamanic Journeying. Songwriting Techniques. Manifestation Through Sound.


Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology

See You Soon!

Lots of Love,



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