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Welcome to the Realm of Sacred Creativity


Where your yoni is the gateway to a river of Shakti energy that wants to move miracles through you.


Where painting is a magick ritual for manifesting your dreams and TONS of cash.


Here we know that we don’t have to push so hard to get what we want.


As divine feminine creators, we know all we have to do is open to receive from the divine…

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology
Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, online painting school

Prepare for a journey into the depths of your soul...

Discover what you REALLY want in this life and ACTUALLY manifest it!

Learn potent rituals for opening portals to the spiritual realm.

Commune with ancient deities and goddesses as you paint your dreams into reality.


Embody the sacred archetypes of the feminine and open your psychic sight!

Flow with the magick of the heavens!


because when you paint a goddess,

she arrives to share her magick with you.

If you paint Aphrodite, expect deeper love and abundance!

Guan Yin? Compassion and peace.

Artemis? Freedom, independence and willpower.

So what do you REALLY want?

ancient painting techniques + Magick revealed

Along with the POWERFUL healing and magick in this course, you will be immersed in classic painting techniques that have been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.


All compressed into a 1 Month Online Course with GORGEOUS step-by-step videos hosted by Christina (Psyberfairy).

Tips on thriving as an artist and making money by doing what you LOVE!


Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your creative journey or an advanced artist who wants to level up and be a part of a wicked coven, there is something for you here!


Want to paint realistic people? I share my exact process and blending tips for perfect skin tones and shadows.


Don’t know how to mix colors? I go over color theory and mixing so you can create INSANELY GORGEOUS colors even on a budget or with limited paint.


Want to paint more abstract art? We do that too!


Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, online painting school


Step-by-step process videos that are easy to follow along with. Gorgeous shots of my studio set up so you can learn how to create a space that feeds your soul and sets you free!

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, online painting school


You’ll be going on this journey with women from all over the world who are just as crazy about art as you! We’re magickal on our own, but together, we are an unstoppable force!

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, online painting school



As a professionally trained artist who’s been painting for over a decade, I’ve picked up a few tricks that will help you get really confident really fast with your work. 1 day with me would be enough, so imagine what 1 month is going to be like!

Image by Paweł Czerwiński
Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, online painting school

I've been painting for over a decade and yes I did go to art school, but it was WAY too rigid for me. Some of the teachers didn't even like teaching!

I'm here to spice up your life and remind you of the magick that's already inside of you! I share classic techniques that WORK!


Plus I'll add in a lil fairy dust for good measure! ;)


Hi beautiful! I'm artist, music producer, astrologer and artist, Christina Martine (Psyberfairy)! I'm so excited you're here! Are you ready to make some magick and hang out for an entire month!?


  • 1 month of gorgeous step-by-step videos with classic techniques

  • Guided Healing Yoni + Womb Meditation

  • Sacred Elemental Rituals for Sacred Creativity

  • Goddess Invocations and Channeling

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to course content

  • Guided tantra and energy healing practices

  • Sound Healing Meditation

  • Lessons for ALL skill levels



  • Clear your womb space and open to your Magnetic Power to Receive creative codes from the divine


  • Release your money blocks and learn how to RECEIVE and turn your gifts to GOLD


  • Use your paintings to MANIFEST your desires into your reality


  • Receive tips and tricks to level-up your art practice and get super confident


  • Journey deep into your inner world and learn to clear energy blockages


  • Learn sacred mantra, mudra and yantra for healing and generating true wealth


  • Make connections with artist sisters and mystics from all over the world!

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

REVIEWS FROM PAST STUDENTS on a sacred sound course:

I've really enjoyed Psyberfairy's course, its really helped me get more in touch with my creative self and with my voice. Its been a healing experience in many ways, I've learned to be less judgmental of myself and to take more time for myself and the things I enjoy in life! I am inspired to continue to sing as well as write and see what I can create! this was a lot of fun. I also like having access to all the videos from the course and being able to go back to them anytime I feel called to do so!💕🙏🧚‍♀️ Highly recommend for anyone who likes to sing or create sound, there is a lot you can gain from it whether you are a professional or this is just a hobby of yours!

- Liliana, USA, singer

Hi I feel that this course has cleared blockages I had within and get back into the flow of creating music. Thank you! I would drum, play guitar and sing for hours after doing the meditations and get into trance states, it's really opened me up especially my heart and throat chakras!


- Brittney, USA, singer

I liked the community aspect of it and how we got to be acquainted with everyone’s different environments from snowy forests to the city! I also loved the safe space to experiment and share without judgment that Psyberfairy always encouraged. I also enjoyed the creative assignments she gave out each week. They were great prompts to help me exercise my channeling and I created something completely different with each one! I'm sure I’ll never have writers block now that I can utilize Psyberfairy’s prompting technique in the future!


- Noel, USA, musician and voice actor



- Yoni and Womb Healing + Activation

- Guided Sound Healing Meditation

- Yoni Massage Explained

- Clear Money Blocks and Open to Innate Ability to Create Wealth

- Dream Board Creation + Writing Exercise


- Fire Ritual for Manifestation

- Elemental Invocations for Trance Work

- Studio Essentials

- Color Theory (creating, mixing, blending)

- Step-by-Step Tutorial on Painting Dream Life

- Realism, abstraction, fantasy and pop art

- Yoni Painting + Egyptian Sex Magick


- Guided Meditation

- Explore the 7 Feminine Archetypes

- Goddess Invocation

- Step-by-Step Painting Tutorial

- Classic techniques and modern abstraction


- Psyberfairy's daily energy healing practices

- Qigong breathing and visualization

- Sacred Toning to clear and strengthen the energy body

-  Meditation for health and longevity

- Sacred tantra, yantra and mantra for True Wealth

- Extra exercises to keep the Shakti flowing!

Materials Needed:

- red, yellow, blue, black, white paint
(you can also choose to get purple, green, orange

and perhaps brown or a skin tone along with

unique colors such as gold or silver)

- palette and palette knife

- cup for water and a rag

- a selection of brushes various sizes

So Goddess, are you ready to go on the journey of a lifetime?

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, online painting school




1 Month Shamanic Art Journey. Ancient Wisdom. Womb Healing + Guided Sound Meditation. Step-By-Step Painting Tutorials. Energy Healing + Tantra Practices.


You will receive access to all course content immediately upon purchase.

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, online painting school





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