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Welcome to the Faerie Magick Oracle

In the faerie forest, creatures dance in wild abandon amidst wildflowers, guided by the light of the moon. Are you ready to journey into the depths of your inner world as the fae reveal secrets from each element? Perhaps you'll find yourself at a party chatting to a pixie, or maybe you'll go riding on a kirin. There are endless possibilities within the realm of the fae. Psyberfairy brings each card to life through vivid original artwork and stories. Included with the full colour 22 card deck is a free digital copy of the accompanying guidebook. Learn suggestions on how to invoke the elements and prepare for your sacred journey into spirit.

Order your copy now for $47usd, which includes shipping.


Shipping takes up 1-3 weeks. Upon your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Thank you!

Love Psyberfairy


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