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Join me for a Special Virgo Full Moon Magick Ritual for Abundance!

A preview of what you'll be learning...

The Virgo Full Moon occurs on Saturday February 27th, 2021. This is a potent Moon for manifesting Abundance!

During this Special Event, you will learn:

  • What is magick and the occult?

  • What does it mean to be a witch?

  • What is Satan and why is there nothing to fear?

  • What is spiritual bypassing?

  • How do I balance the spiritual path with the 3D?

  • How is the Goddess portrayed in the media?

  • What are the occult symbols for the light and dark goddess?

  • How am I being brainwashed by the media?

  • What does Virgo represent?

  • What does this Virgo Full Moon have in store for me?

  • How do I set up a proper magick altar using things in my house?

  • How do I protect myself before spiritual practice or spell casting?

  • How do I call in the elements ritually?

  • How do I cast a spell for money?

  • What are the crystals and herbs for manifesting money?

  • What do I say to invoke the spirit of money?

  • How do I call upon Mercury for magick?

  • How do I create a talisman for abundance?



After a quick lesson, you will learn exactly how to open your altar safely to call on Mercury to assist you in your Spell for Abundance!


I'm also offering 4 Digital Courses FOR  FREE along with this Special Event:

- Astro Mentorship Circle (3 week course to help you learn all about astrology and starting your own spiritual business)

- Tantric Magic (3 week course to help you learn how to use sexual energy to manifest wealth)

- 3 Weeks of Creative Flow (3 week course to help you enter the flow state and get creative. Learn meditation, energy healing, channeling and intuitive drawing)

- Magic School (8 week course all about the fundamentals of real magick. Learn how to cast genuine spells in alignment with the earthly and celestial realms. Enter trance states and work with spirit guides. Guided meditations and healing activations included)


How does this event work exactly? Once you make a donation below, you will be sent an email with an invitation to a private group. You'll quickly make a free profile and join our sacred circle. On the Full Moon, I will release the 30 minute lesson and guided Spell for Abundance. You will receive access to your 4 Free Bonus Courses right away!

What if I'm busy that day? That's okay! You will have access to the video and the group forever!

Who is this for? Anyone who feels called to join! Whether you have magickal experience or not, you are welcome to share your insights here!

How much do I donate?

- $11 will buy  me a coffee and a vegan snack

- $22 will buy me a bottle of decent wine

- $33 will buy me a dinner out

- $44 will buy me some new art supplies and a pretty big smile!

- The choice is yours! What you offer you receive 3x in return!

Donate Below to Receive The Abundance Spell:

Once your donation is complete you will receive a welcome email from Psyberfairy within 24 hours!


See you soon!

Love Psyberfairy


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