Music Producer, Singer + Songwriter Psyberfairy is hosting a Music Production Course and Competition. It is open to anyone who wants to learn how to build a song from start to finish.

It begins on April 19th and runs until the 26th. By signing up for the Course you automatically gain entry into the Competition.

REVIEWS from The Academy of Sacred Sound (bonus course):

"I feel that this course has cleared blockages I had within and get back into the flow of creating music. Thank you! I would drum, play guitar and sing for hours after doing the meditations and get into trance states, it's really opened me up especially my heart and throat chakras!"

- Brittney, USA, singer


"I liked the community aspect of it and how we got to be acquainted with everyone’s different environments from snowy forests to the city! I also loved the safe space to experiment and share without judgment that Psyberfairy always encouraged. I also enjoyed the creative assignments she gave out each week. They were great prompts to help me exercise my channeling and I created something completely different with each one! I'm sure I’ll never have writers block now that I can utilize Psyberfairy’s prompting technique in the future!"

- Noel, USA, musician and voice actor


"I really enjoyed experiencing all the creativity and expression of music, poetry, and sound that we all shared from partaking in this course. The style that Psyberfairy presents the information in feels so welcoming and freeing, that it really assists in getting more in touch with the source of bringing through music without the barriers of judgment or fear. The practices also build from each other in a harmonious and natural way to create an open space for channeling. Really appreciate having been part of this experience, thank you!"

- Jeremy, New Zealand, music producer + singer


What do I need to enter? You will need a DAW (digital audio workstation) such as Ableton. You can download a free trial for the competition. You will need a computer/laptop and speakers/headphones. That's it!

What if I'm new to producing? I offer basic tips on how to get started and also go into more advanced techniques. There is something here for everyone.

What if I'm a pro? You're still welcome to sign up.

Are there refunds? Not for this course.

How will the course be hosted? Once you sign up, you will receive access to a private mewe community. In there, you'll find your Intro Video and Bonus Singing/Songwriting Course. Psyberfairy will be sharing the Production Course + Sample Packs in the group on April 19th. You will have one week total to create your song entry.

How will the song competition be judged? Everyone receives one vote/entry. The song with the most votes wins. 

How much will the cash prize be? The prize will be a portion of the entry fees so the more people join, the bigger it becomes!

How do I sign up again? You can sign up right now through the PayPal link below. As soon as you do, you will receive an email with further instructions.

One Entry


You will receive your welcome email within 24 hours!

See You Soon!




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