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Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, learn singing online, learn music production online


PRODUCTION masterclass






Learn to make music with Psyberfairy!

You hear your favorite song playing on the radio and go, "Wow, how did they create that?" You go to your computer, download Ableton, finally get it working, and start messing around.

You drag some of the samples to your work station and press play. Sounds boom out of your speakers and you giggle. You add more and smile with delight.


Your heart beams with joy.

"I need to capture this feeling and share it. I need bass! I need synths! I need vocals!"

You go to your samples, but there isn't really anything there that matches what's in your heart. You're stumped. You try to layer a few samples to see if the right sound comes out, but now your song sounds like an animal in pain.

You go to YouTube to search for answers but all you find is 13-year-olds gurus with none of the information you're looking for.

Then you find... Psyberfairy's 1.5 Masterclass with EVERYTHING you need to know about building songs from start to finish.

Proper song structure, where to get sounds, how to make sounds, all the weird new words you NEED to know, compression, equalization, making songs SOUND GOOD. IT'S ALL HERE!

You take a deep breath, and dive back in, confident this time.

So, what do you want to create?

Meet Your Teacher

I created this Masterclass because it's exactly what I would have wanted to learn when I first started producing. There's so much information out there that isn't  helping or useful or true!

I took everything I know from my years of producing and have jam-packed it into one concise Masterclass that makes sense!


The mere fact that I am a female producer and artist. I KNOW what it's like to burn with endless ideas and emotions and just want to get them into a song... and be met with producers who do NOT get the artistic side of producing.

When we're creating, our songs come from the SOUL. They don't suck just because they don't sound good. They just need work.

All you need to do is learn what the tools are and how to use them!

You don't have to wait until a producer finds you.

You don't have to spend years bashing you head against a wall.

Please, let me help you learn EXACTLY what you need to know to start creating epic songs that sound AMAZING!

"It's my greatest honor to be able to help artists awaken to their highest potential."

- Psyberfairy, Director of The Academy of Creativity and Magickal Wisdom + Host of the Hyperspace Masterclass

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, learn singing online, learn music production online


Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, learn singing online, learn music production online

The ability to tell stories and craft worlds through sound. The gratification of being able to release your emotions through music that SOUNDS GOOD!

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, learn singing online, learn music production online

Step-by-step instruction on how to build a full song using Ableton + Psyberfairy's Hyperspace Sample Pack with 50 unique sounds. Guidance from your fav spirit guide who approaches music as an artist and a producer and GETS IT!

Psyberfairy Christina Martine Vespertine Astrology, learn to paint online, learn singing online, learn music production online

Tips for getting into the zone and producing music from a spiritual perspective with feminine and masculine energies balanced!



"I have watched so many videos on YouTube on how to make music with Ableton, but this is the first one that had me actually making a song by the time I'd finished watching. Psyberfairy's process is so much more creative and free than other producers out there. It resonates so much more with my flowy feminine way of wanting to create music. I think it is a great place to start for someone who understands the basics of Ableton controls and how it works and just really wants to start creating. She gives you permission to make music your way and let your intuition guide you."

- Charlotte, Vancouver, BC, music producer/singer



REVIEWS from The Academy of Sacred Sound (singing course):

"I liked the community aspect of it and how we got to be acquainted with everyone’s different environments from snowy forests to the city! I also loved the safe space to experiment and share without judgment that Psyberfairy always encouraged. I also enjoyed the creative assignments she gave out each week. They were great prompts to help me exercise my channeling and I created something completely different with each one! I'm sure I’ll never have writers block now that I can utilize Psyberfairy’s prompting technique in the future!"

- Noel, USA, musician and voice actor


"I really enjoyed experiencing all the creativity and expression of music, poetry, and sound that we all shared from partaking in this course. The style that Psyberfairy presents the information in feels so welcoming and freeing, that it really assists in getting more in touch with the source of bringing through music without the barriers of judgment or fear. The practices also build from each other in a harmonious and natural way to create an open space for channeling. Really appreciate having been part of this experience, thank you!"

- Jeremy, New Zealand, music producer + singer


What do I need to enter? You will need a DAW (digital audio workstation) such as Ableton. You can download a free trial for the competition. You will need a computer/laptop and speakers/headphones. That's it!

What if I'm new to producing? I offer basic tips on how to get started and also go into more advanced techniques. I treat music production as a sacred shamanic journey, so there is something here for everyone!

What if I'm a pro? You're still welcome to sign up.

Are there refunds? Not for this course.

How will the course be hosted? Once you sign up, you will receive instant access to the private video so make sure you bookmark it! You can always email Psyberfairy here: In the video description, you'll find the sample pack zip download link. Download it straight away so you can start creating!

How do I sign up again? You can sign up right now through the PayPal link below. As soon as you do, you will receive the Hyperspace Music Production video instantly so make sure to save the link.

So my friend, are you ready to go on a sacred shamanic journey into sound?



Psyberfairy Christina Martine, Vespertine Astrology, learn music production online, learn to paint online

See You Soon!

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