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High Magick



Psyberfairy's 2 Week Course on High Magick, Faerie Light Language + Angelic Invocation begins on September 18th, 2021. Secure your spot right now by signing up below!





Week 1: Sept. 18th 2021


  • What is magick?

  • How to use magick to create REAL change in this world

  • How to draw in universal energy to heal and empower yourself

  • The Four Fold Breath

  • How to draw in qi from the sun and moon

  • How to align with true Christ Consciousness

  • Kabbalah Mantras for protection and power

  • How to awaken and empower energy centers in your body

  • Breath work and energy healing techniques to generate vitality, strength and joy

  • How to align with your true self and feel GOOD trusting it the moment!

  • What is light language and how to channel it?

  • Channeling light language and songs from the faeries




Week 2: September 25th 2021

  • Review of Kabbalistic Cross

  • How to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

  • How to create a ritual space to remove chaotic unwanted energies

  • Energy direction with breath, intention, visualization and sound

  • Angelic Invocation for protection and healing




What if I'm new to magick? Can I still join? Yes, there are exercises in this course that will benefit the novice or experienced magician.

How does it work? Once you sign up with paypal below, you will be sent an email with a link to a private mewe group. You will be able to create a free account and then easily log into our course group. Week 1 exercises will be shared on September 18th. Week 2 will be shared the following Saturday.

What if I'm busy or don't have time to watch the videos right away? That's okay. You will have lifetime access to our course content and videos.

Is this magick safe? Yes. All magick is neutral. You are the one who chooses what to do with it.

Who can join? All are welcome to join.

The suggested donation for this course is $44. Donate using the safe and secure PayPal link below.

One you sign up you will be sent an email with your log in details!

See you soon!

Love Psyberfairy


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