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Healing Sessions

with Psyberfairy

If you're looking for guidance and clarity on your spiritual path, join Psyberfairy for an online 1 Hour Healing Session.

How do the sessions work?

You will enter into a video session with Psyberfairy. After some simple questions and intention setting you will learn:


Tantric Practices to align with Laxshmi, the Energy of Abundance. Mudra (hand movements), mantra (sound healing) and yantra (sacred geometry) for true wealth. Breathwork and energy healing for vibrant health and crystal clarity.

Trance Meditation Techniques to safely release stagnant energy and emotional trauma. Simple and powerful practices to align with your highest self.

Magical Elemental Channeling. You will be guided through a written channeling session to learn about your energetic strengths and blockages, so you can release habits that no longer serve and draw in new ones that make life more peaceful and enjoyable.

Astrology. Psyberfairy will read your birth chart, explain your past life incarnations, present life role, strengths, challenges, quickest way to success, and answer any questions you may have. You will need your birth time, birthday and birth city to receive the astrology reading.

*If you're just interested in deeper trauma healing, just let Psyberfairy know and she can accommodate you.


Each Session also includes a Tarot Pull Reading and a personal Light Language Song recorded for you.

You also receive access to Three Digital Courses on genuine ritual magic, astrology and tantra.


What if I'm new to spirituality, can I still sign up for a session?  Yes! No matter where you are on your journey, Psyberfairy is here to hold space.

Who are these sessions for? Anyone, any gender with any beliefs looking for more guidance and healing on their path. If you're looking for deeper shamanic trauma healing, just let Psyberfairy know.

Are there refunds? No, but you may email Psyberfairy at psyberfairy22@gmail.com to reschedule a session. Psyberfairy will not wait more than 15 minutes past your scheduled time.

Will this session make my life better? Psyberfairy has worked as a healer, guide, spiritual teacher and astrologer for many lifetimes. As an empath and psychic medium, she has the ability to read your energetic field and speak with your guides to facilitate your highest healing. What you do with the information will be your choice.

How do I sign up for a session? Use the Paypal link below to confirm your payment. Once received, Psyberfairy will email you to receive your information and set a time to chat.


You may also choose to enter into a session by donation. Email Psyberfairy to make a request: psyberfairy22@gmail.com.

Book your session below through Paypal:


You will receive a confirmation email from Psyberfairy within 24 hours of your purchase.