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Starry Night

Sacred Healing + Astrology Sessions with Psyberfairy

Once your payment is made, Psyberfairy will email you within 24 hours to discuss your Session and set up a time to chat.

Hello beautiful soul! Thank you for inquiring about my Sacred Healing and Astrology Sessions. I'm currently offering 1 Hour Sessions via Zoom. Once you make your payment below to secure your spot, I will email you to discern exactly what kind of Session you're looking for. We can spend the hour solely on Astrology, we can focus just on your healing work, or we can combine them both. Together we'll discover what is most beneficial for the growth of your soul at this time. 


How do the sessions work? We chat through the free app Zoom, so all you'll need is an internet connection and camera to join in. You don't have to be on camera, but it's preferred so we can create a deeper healing connection. If you're looking for an Astrology Reading, you will need to know your exact birth date, time and city beforehand.

What will happen during a session? With your permission I will tune into your guidance team and bring forth messages that you need to hear. In a Healing Session, I'll ask some some questions to get to know you and then we'll move into safe exercises to clear the subconscious mind. During Astrology Readings, I will simply channel the information you need to hear and you're welcome to ask questions anytime. 


What type of healer are you? I'm an empath by birth, which means I'm very sensitive to the energy around me and I can feel the emotions of others as if they were my own. This is possible for me even at a distance with your permission to tune in. I am trained in many shamanic and energy healing practices such as Reiki, Qigong, and my own "Fifth Dimensional Healing." I am a guide here to simply hold space for you to move into your emotions, feel them, and safely release any toxic energy. 

Are you psychic? While I consider myself to be very tuned into my esp, I don't call myself a psychic. Yes, I may receive insights from your guides which I will share openly with you, but overall my advice is practical. I'm focused on your healing, not feeding fantasies. Astrology is an art form, ancient science and divination tool, not fortune telling.


How does the  healing work exactly? As we're talking and moving through the exercises, I will receive more information about exactly what is going on within your energetic body. I will intuitively know what you need in order to heal. It's never me who is going to heal you. Once again, I'm simply here to hold space as you learn to heal yourself. I'm offering all the tools I personally use in my own healing practice and over a decade of experience with clients. I will work with you to clear your energetic body. Once your energy body is clear, your thoughts and physical body will also heal. Where the mind goes, the body follows. We are responsible for our own dis-ease, and we can ALWAYS choose to heal ourselves.

What types of illnesses do you heal? Once again, I'm not healing anyone, I'm just holding space as people awaken to their own innate healing gifts. I'm simply offering tools. I have worked with thousands of clients with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dis-eases. I do not discriminate, but I am not a doctor and my services are not a replacement for Western medicine. 

What if I don't want to do any of your exercises and I just want to talk? If you're not going to respect my process, you're not ready for a Session. You may want to go to a counselor instead. 

What if I can't make our session? Just email me: to reschedule. There are no refunds and I will not wait more than 15 minutes for you to show up.

What type of Astrology do you do? I offer Western Astrology Readings. All of my Readings are intuitive and channeled directly from the  planets and stars and your guides. I have studied many forms of Astrology and use it as a tool to help you learn more  about the path of your soul. Why did you come here and what is your true purpose? We can discuss these things and much more!

Who are the Sessions for exactly? Anyone in search of some guidance. You may be dealing with an illness of some kind, or simply be looking for some spiritual advice on your path.  How deep we go is totally up to you! I work with any age, any gender, and belief  system, etc. If you're interested in working with me, follow that intuition! Email me if you need a discount!

What if I want to return to the exercises you've shown me? I will record our session and send you a private link afterwards so you'll be able to view it anytime. 

What do I need to do to prepare for a Session? It's a good idea to relax right before so you'll be in a good space to receive the information. Come prepared with a notebook and pen, lots of water and a blanket or whatever you need to feel comfortable. Your healing is the priority and all Sessions are confidential. 

Okay, I'm ready! How do I sign up? Awesome! I'm excited to connect! Secure your spot by with PayPal below. Once you've made your payment, Psyberfairy will email you to discuss your session and set up a time to chat. You'll be able to access her schedule to choose a time that works perfectly for you, and you'll receive a reminder. 



1 Hour Session


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See you soon!

Love, Psyberfairy


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