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Welcome to the 

Divine Creatrix Community

1 Month Live Coaching Circle

Heal and Awaken Your Womb Heart 

and Third Eye through Dance Sound and Writing!

Runs March 6th - 27th 2021


What is the Divine Creatrix Activation Course?

This is a 1 Month Digital Course hosted by musician, artist and spiritual teacher, Psyberfairy, designed to help you awaken to your divine feminine magnetism and authentic creative expression.

This is a course for women (or anyone who identifies as a women) who are ready to say goodbye to excuses and victimhood. 

This is a course for women who are ready to do the healing work that it takes to rise into sovereignty.

If you're ready to heal traumas from your womb space to tap into the limitless fountain of potential within, this is a course for you. If you're ready to hone your intuition and natural feminine gifts, this is a course for you.

If you know in your soul that it's your destiny to serve and share your light through art, music, poetry, movement, etc., this course is for YOU!

If you're ready to stop fighting against life and instead start tuning into the endless source of love within your heart that YEARNS to be shared with this world, this is a course for YOU!

If you're ready to start TRUSTING in yourself and Manifesting your DREAMS, this is a course for YOU!


If you're ready to step into your Sacredness, your Divinity, your Wealth, your Goddess Self, your Truth and Share it Confidently with this world, this is a course for YOU! 

If you're ready to move into a simpler, more present and joyful existence filled with Magick and Miracles and LOVE, read on...


How Will It Work?

Once sign up ends on March 5th, we will all gather in a private and free online community. Together we will choose a day that works for us to connect through Zoom. 

Once a week we will meet for a live Zoom meeting where Psyberfairy will share guided meditations and activations to awaken the Divine Creatrix within!

We will gather for 3 live sessions and then meet for a final live ceremony where you will offer your gift to the community.

Durga Indian Goddess


WEEK 1: Artemis Womb Healing and Activation

- Artemis Guided Meditation

- What Does it Mean to be a Woman?

- What is a Divine Creatrix?

- Aligning with the Maiden (Sacred Sexuality)

- Aligning with the Mother (Shamanic Healing)

- Aligning with the Crone (Intuitive Wisdom)

- The Priestess Archetype

- Priestesses of the Past

- Clearing Ancestral Karma

- Healing the Womb

- Womb Sound Healing Meditation

- Yoni Massage Explanation

- Awakening Shakti Energy through Movement

WEEK 2: Isis Heart Healing and Activation

- Isis Guided Meditation

- Healing with Sound

- Chakra Tuning and Clearing

-  Light Language Activation

- The Vibration of True Wealth and Abundance

- Lakshmi Guided Meditation and Mantras

- Opening to Receive and Share True Gifts

WEEK 3: Guan Yin Third  Eye Healing and Activation

- Guan Yin Guided Meditation

- Astrology Archetypes

- How to Read Natal Charts

- Discovering Your Purpose with Astrology

- Astrology Channeling and Writing

- Shadow Work

- Dark Goddesses

- Starseed Incarnations

- Sacred Marriage Ceremony

WEEK 4: Final Ceremony and Sharing Circle 

Christina_Martine_HW_8852 (1).jpg

Check out this Review of one of my recent Courses:


"I was enrolled in of Christina's courses, called The Priestess Ordination Program. What I love about Christina's teaching style is that she is humble enough to be both the master and the student at the same time. This allows for a space of co-creation, in which others can rise in sharing their gifts with the group as well. This makes it extra magical. I really enjoyed being in the presence of Christina's knowledge, learning from her, and experiencing the world through her unique lens. Thank you!"



Who is this course for? Women age 18 or over looking to Heal and Activate their Womb, Heart and Third Eye so they can step FULLY into their divine feminine creative gifts and start sharing them with the world!

Do I have to be an artist or singer to join? Not at all! If you already have a creative practice, that's great! This 1 Month Intensive will only inspire you to create more! You will be dancing, singing light language and writing mainly. You are not required to share your creations with the community. You can keep them private if you prefer, but it's  encouraged!

Where is the course hosted? Through a private group on Once you enroll for this course, you will be emailed a link to our private group. Then you'll get to create a free account and join immediately. From there, the weekly Zoom chat links will be posted.

Are there refunds? Not for this course.

What if I can't make every class or I'm super busy? That's okay! Every class will be recorded so if you miss one, that's fine. You'll be able to catch up. The classes are available forever for you to view and the group will always be open for you.

What's are the benefits of the course? CONNECTIONS with amazing women who are also claiming their gifts and ready to share. Friendship,  inspiration and daily support! This course is digital, which means you get to do it from the comfort of your own home! A more joyful, simple and passionate life. Weekly meditations, activations and writing prompts to keep you accountable to your sacred vision, to your heart! A community of goddesses who are ready to hold space and rise together!


- Astro Mentorship Program (3 Week Digital Course)

- Tantric Magic (3 Week Digital Course)

- Magic School (8 Week Digital Course)

- Three Weeks of Creative Flow (3 Week Digital Course)

- E-Book Version of "Fifth Dimensional Healing"

Okay Awesome! How do I sign up? Click on the button below to be taken to the application form. Psyberfairy will be emailing you by the 27th of February to let you know if you've been invited to the circle!


Lots of Love,



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