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Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in my work! If you want to stay in touch with me and be the first to know about my offerings, join my newsletter below. As a huge thank you, I'm offering the 1st Week of the Academy of Sacred Sound for free as a gift when you sign up!

You will learn:

Nāda Yoga Philosophy of Music

Hearing with our Outer and Inner Senses

Tuning the Body with Sound

Healing dis-ease with Sound

Claim Your Will + Voice

Breath Work + Energy Healing

Chakra Clearing

Opening the Third Eye

Psyberfairy’s Personal Vocal Warmups

Find Your Authentic Sound

Mantras + Intentions

Channeling from the Fae Realms

Thank you again! Use the form below to sign up for my newsletter to receive your free gift!

To contact me directly, email:

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