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Lucherria by Psyberfairy

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Check out a recent Review:

"So many emotions flowed through me while reading this. I was amazed! I really loved the story, the details and settings, as well as how everything is laid out and woven so beautifully. I really felt I was part of the story because I felt so much for the characters as if I were them. I like how the story kept my attention throughout. There is even a part in the story that caught me off guard and wasn't expecting and kept me reading in anticipation to find out how it ends. I was amazed at how well it was handled and how it turned out. It's hard for me to go into too much detail without me spoiling it.

Sci-Fi, Erotic, Spiritual. Would be how I would describe it. At times it was also very human and at the same time otherworldly. In my mind this book played out like an epic sci-fi movie trilogy. Thoroughly enjoyed the book and so worth the time and money spent!"

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